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Cheap Automobile insurance Rate Quotes - How to get Them

Getting cheap automobile insurance rate casque beats quotes can be a time consuming task to say the least. Here's how to get cheap rate quotes with a reputable insurance company quickly and easily.

Cheap Automobile insurance Rate Quote Lesson

Yesterday I decided to check out one of those insurance sites the advertises "Cheap rates! Save up to 50% on your insurance!. " This company is rated number one on some top insurance review sites. I wanted to see if they could beat the rate I'd gotten a few years back from another insurance company.

I called their "800" number, answered all the questions the agent asked me, then, anticipating that i would be saving hundreds of dollars a year on my insurance, anxiously waited for my quote. I was sorely disappointed.

The quote I received was $812 more than what I'm currently paying for my automobile insurance.

The lesson: Don't believe everything you hear or read. Check it out for yourself. The only way to know you're getting a cheap insurance rate is to get quotes from a number beats pas cher of different insurance companies and compare them.

Cheap Automobile insurance Rate Quotes Online

The quickest way to get automobile rate quotes from different companies is to go to an insurance comparison website. Once there you'll spend a few minutes filling out a simple questionnaire to get multiple quotes.

Some of the better insurance comparison websites have a chat feature where you can get answers to your questions online from an insurance expert, and an "Articles" section where you can get tips and advice. (See link below. )

If you're currently insured, make sure you have your insurance policy handy so you can compare apples to apples.

Check out the Company

After you choose an automobile insurance company you'll want to check them out to see if they're reputable and will give you good service. I recommend going to your state's department of insurance website to see how many complaints have been filed against them compared to other insurance companies.

If your state doesn't list those complaints, go to California's website - www. insurance. ca. gov - click on "Consumers, " "Studies and Reports, " then "Consumer doudoune moncler Complaint Study" to see the number of complaints consumers have filed against a company. Every company will have some complaints filed against them. You want to find out if a particular company has an unusually large number of complaints filed against them compared to other companies.

Once you take the above steps you'll know you have a cheap automobile insurance rate with a good company.

Visit or click on the following link to get from top-rated companies in your area and see how much you can save. You can get more car insurance tips by checking out their "Articles" section.

The author, Brian Stevens, is a former insurance agent and financial consultant who has written extensively on cheap automobile insurance rate quotes.